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    The top reasons why a lack of diversity in tech remains a problem


    How are organisations increasing workforce diversity in tech?

    20 October 2021 / A lack of diversity in the tech sector, across leadership teams and the general workforce, [...]

    Cloud & Edge Computing

    Retraining in IT: how to get a start as a cloud developer

    19 October 2021 / As the UK begins to return to a form of normality, it welcomes a job [...]

    Latest news


    WIT Summit Canada — establishing hybrid leadership and digital-first customer service

    27 October 2021 / Following 18 months of a COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns, delays with the vaccine rollout and regulatory [...]

    Data Analytics & Data Science

    Why CIOs are turning to knowledge graphs for critical business help

    27 October 2021 / We asked 100 senior tech executives — CIOs, CTOs, and chief data officers — what [...]

    Cloud & Edge Computing

    Spectra Logic introduces new multi-cloud data management solution

    26 October 2021 / Beyond the recent announcement around ransomware advanced features added to their “classic” product line, Spectra [...]


    Female-led GreenTech firms now raise more funding than all-male founding teams

    26 October 2021 / According to the report from the Female Founders Forum, a partnership by The Entrepreneurs Network [...]

    Immersive Technology

    How AI and AR are evolving in the workplace

    26 October 2021 / The full potential of assisted/augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace has [...]

    People Moves

    Lina Margolin appointed new COO of AirPortr

    26 October 2021 / As AirPortr looks to roll its product out to at airports globally, new COO Margolin [...]

    Data Storage & Data Lakes

    Quantum announces new cold data strategy

    25 October 2021 / Quantum, a market leader in secondary storage, recently announced a refresh of its portfolio to [...]

    Data Storage & Data Lakes

    ARM processors to change the data centre in the coming years

    25 October 2021 / With the coming United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow scheduled next week, the [...]

    Development & Programming

    How accessiBe’s AI-powered overlay changes the game for website accessibility

    25 October 2021 / The internet has been one of the most significant and fastest technological developments in modern [...]

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